Sanctuary Cove Festival of Boating

The Festival of Boating was held in mid-November at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. Held in lieu of the usual may boat show, it was by no means second cousin and Whitehaven Motor Yachts presented three motor yachts spanning the range and our history.  For those who couldn’t join us, here is a recap.

The Festival of Boating was a great, casual, and boating focused event for the whole family held over three days in November. Although it was promoted as a scaled-down version of the usual boat show, it still offered a large display.

“It was a pleasant surprise to see how big the event was and how well attended. We had three of our yachts on display, including the world debut of the Whitehaven 8000, which attracted a great deal of attention. Since then we have been actively working with a number of people looking to build their own custom Whitehaven Motor Yacht,” offered Lee Randall, Business Development Manager.

Having just arrived in Australia, it was the first time the Whitehaven 8000 was available for viewing. She is the largest Whitehaven to date and her sleek design is based off the 7500 model with the additional length to accommodate a large tender garage. Hands down, she was one of the most popular boats at the Festival of Boating as prospective buyers lined up to discover what comes from a truly custom-built motor yacht.

Moored beside Panache was YKnot, the boat which launched the brand. This 6500 Sports Yacht maybe 10 years old yet held her own against her 80-foot sister.

Bruce Scott, Managing Director of Whitehaven explains, “I was really excited to have these two motor yachts together. It was a tangible demonstration of our vision, its progression over the last decade and the timeless nature of our boats. We also had the Harbour Classic 40 on display which represented the next phase of our growth”

The Harbour Classic 40 is the brainchild of Bruce and Australia-based yacht designer, Misha Merzliakov. Since the first hull was launched onto the Australian market, the design has made waves (pun intended).  Recently, Trade A Boat reviewed the Harbour Classic 40 noting the ‘yesteryear’s practical design gets a modern transformation as Whitehaven turns the humble Lobster Boat in it into a sophisticated cruiser’.

The line up at the Festival of Boating certainly gave the visitors a sense of the past, present and future of Whitehaven Motor Yachts. If you would like a private viewing of any of the yachts on display, please contact the Whitehaven team.

Sanctuary Cove Festival of Boating



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