A decade starts with YKnot and ends with Panache

The sport yacht is, in many ways, the sports car of the ocean where speed and style are paramount. Yet a decade ago, a dauntless boating couple decided to break the mould and custom build a 65-foot Sport Yacht which placed seafaring capabilities on equal footing to style. YKnot was launched and became the genesis for Whitehaven’s Sports Yacht range.

Ray and Denise are Northern Territorians. It is a wild, beautiful and sometimes unforgiving place to go boating. This does not deter the couple. However, it does mean they need a certain type of vessel; one capable of undertaking long sea journeys safely and comfortably without sacrificing glamour. So, in 2009, with Keith and Ryan Hanson, they approached a yard in Taiwan to build their ultimate Sports Yacht. The result was YKnot.

At 67-feet overall, Ray and Denise cruised from Darwin to Sydney….twice then onto the Kimberleys. During the 2010 Sydney International Boat Show, Bruce Scott met Ray and Denise and had the opportunity to look over YKnot. He was impressed so much so, he contacted Keith and Ryan Hanson and commissioned his own flybridge version, Komotion.

With these two motor yachts, Whitehaven was born.

In 2015, Ray and Denise traded up to the Whitehaven 7500 Sport Yacht and YKnot moved to the Gold Coast and her new owner, Gary. Like his predecessors, Gary is a seasoned boat owner. His boat ownership began in his teens with a Haines Hunter powered by 100hp outboard. Since then, Gary estimates he has owned upwards of 20 boats on board which he has completed over 100,000 nautical miles. Suffice to say, he knows his boats.

Speaking with Gary, his affection for YKnot is evident. “She is a beautiful boat designed for extensive cruising. After two successive seasoned boat owners, the boat has all the equipment onboard to complete long and very comfortable sea journeys. I have completed 2500 nautical miles from Sydney to Lizard Island and beyond. She never misses a beat,” offers Gary.

Recently, Gary participated in the Whitehaven Rendezvous to Moreton Bay and YKnot took pride of place in the fleet as it cruised South East Queensland’s waterways.

“What I appreciate about Whitehaven is the camaraderie amongst the owners. It’s a real family atmosphere and Bruce and Julie do a great job organising our get togethers and rendezvous. It brings together a group of boat owners with a great appreciation of boating and the amazing cruising grounds this great country of ours can offer. Now more than ever, it is wonderful to spend time out on the water,” continues Gary.

A decade ago, the genesis for Whitehaven was YKnot. Since then, the range has expanded to eight models extending from the Harbour Classic 40 to the soon to be launched Panache, a Whitehaven 8000 Sports Yacht built specifically for Ray and Denise. Panache is nearing completion and will be the largest Whitehaven ever built. She adheres to the same philosophy which began this boating journey; to a be a stylish, seafaring and tailored to its owner.

Panache will be on display at the Boating Festival presented by SCIBS on the 13 to 15 November 2020 at Sanctuary Cove Marina. To arrange a viewing, please contact Whitehaven Motor Yachts.



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