Cruising the Coral Coast

As a fleet of Whitehaven Motor Yachts head north, we thought we would take the opportunity to feature two of the leading marinas on the journey, Mackay Marina and Port of Airlie. The key to a successful long-range cruise is to know the best places to grab supplies and discover the main coastline of Australia.

Relaunching Komotion

After nine years of intrepid boating and flying the Whitehaven flag, it was time for Komotion to get some TLC. The Whitehaven 7000 Flybridge underwent a refit and emerged more glamorous than ever before heading north to enjoy winter in Queensland.

Whitehaven Gold Coast Getaway

Winter in south east Queensland is a glorious time to go boating. The days are clear, dry and warm and, as a group of Whitehaven owners recently found, there are plenty of anchorages and bays to discover.

A decade starts with YKnot and ends with Panache

The sport yacht is, in many ways, the sports car of the ocean where speed and style are paramount. Yet a decade ago, a dauntless boating couple decided to break the mould and custom build a 65-foot Sport Yacht which placed seafaring capabilities on equal footing to style. YKnot was launched and became the genesis for Whitehaven’s Sports Yacht range.

Introducing Lee Randall

A long-time friend of the Whitehaven family, Lee Randall has formally joined the team as Group Business Development Manager. His decades of experience as a competitive sailor, broker and owner’s representative make him an ideal person to propel Whitehaven through the next 10 years of its development.

Harbour Classic: Boat Review

In July, The Whitehaven team hosted James Dumergue from Trade A Boat onboard the second Harbour Classic. Here is what he had to say