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Best books to read onboard

The greatest element of boating is the peace and space it provides you to really relax. For some relaxing means a fishing line in the water. Others it might be more artistic pursuits such as photography or painting. Yet you would be hard pressed to find a boat owner who did not consider which books to take onboard for those quiet days.

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Paradise found. Destination: Whitsunday Islands

This would be the time of the year that the serious offshore adventures would be making the cruise north for the winter. Destination? The paradisiacal Whitsunday Island group. Whilst we all look forward to the day we can make the long journey to those azure waters, there is no harm in a little desktop research.

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True customisation with Whitehaven

Fully customised. Bespoke. Tailored to your every need. These are terms often used when describing luxury boat builders however, for the team at Whitehaven, it is more than just terms. It goes to the very heart of the Whitehaven difference. It’s the DNA of the Whitehaven business and the foundation of everything we build.

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Hot off the press

The second Harbour Classic 40 quietly slipped into Australia earlier this year. Her arrival did not go unnoticed by the boating media as they were keen to discover the second hull in this new concept for Whitehaven Motor Yachts.

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