The Team Behind Whitehaven.

Whitehaven Motor Yachts was established by respected marine industry proponents who saw a niche in the market for high-end boats that would reflect their owners’ visions, a testament to their achievements. The Whitehaven team believes you and your family deserve the support of specialists who will guide you through the build process, from concept to completion.

Bruce Scott

Managing Director

A seasoned businessman and entrepreneur, Bruce’s is the driving force behind Whitehaven and the majority shareholder.

After successfully growing and selling a multi-million-dollar logistics business, Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways, his passion for customised boat building grew when he was in the market for a luxury cruiser that the mainstream brands could not deliver.

A proud Whitehaven 7000 Flybridge owner that he enjoys with his wife, Julie Scott and his growing family, Bruce is passionate about guiding clients through their Whitehaven journey – from conceptualisation to the maiden voyage.

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Ryan Hanson

Director & Production manager

A boat builder by formal qualifications and more than two decade’s experience, Ryan is known for his fastidious attention to each and every facet of a boat, down to the finest detail.

Recognised as a luminary in the boat building industry, Ryan is based in Taiwan and oversees construction of the Whitehaven models in the New Ocean Yachts yard.

Ryan’s combination of design flair and precision draughtsmanship is recognisable in every Whitehaven, hand-crafted under his supervision to customers’ specific design requirements.

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