Whitehaven Revolution

Whitehaven has collaborated with Steve Ford of 4D Designs in a radical new suite of features for the vessels in its 7000 series, hailing them “the biggest investment since Whitehaven was founded and the dawn of a new era in our history.”

Todd Holzapfel, dealer principal at Alexander Marine, Whitehaven Queensland Dealer, with Bruce Scott, Whitehaven Managing Director, and Steve Ford, Director at 4D Designs.

The array of new attributes will feature on the Whitehaven 7000 Sports Yacht, Flybridge and Sports Flybridge models, plus a new means of bringing custom-crafted Whitehaven’s to life that places control in the hands (and imaginations) of owners.

Harnessing the creative expertise of 4D Designs, Whitehaven has devised an array of new features for the Vista versions of the Whitehaven 7000 Sports Yacht, Flybridge and Sports Flybridge models.

The suite of innovations starts with a reimagining of the foredeck as the Vista Deck, a revolutionary re-engineering of access from the saloon direct to the bow.

The Vista Deck allows access to the luxurious lounge and sundeck bow area with absolute ease for all guests and seamless flow through the entire vessel – from the aft cockpit through the saloon and onto the foredeck leisure space.

The all-new foredeck now offers an expanded seating and dining space for up to 10 people, and a removable euro awning for sun protection over this spacious entertaining area.

Next is the awe-inspiring Atrium: large swathes of open space that let light stream in from the flybridge windows to the saloon below and even further down to the lower decks.

This visionary feature evokes the bright, airy ambience of a Manhattan loft-style apartment. The Atrium provides a clear view from the flybridge to the saloon below, creating an unsurpassed social connection among guests on board.

“It’s a great pleasure for me to announce our new collaborations and projects being undertaken with 4 Designs,” said Bruce Scott, Managing Director at Whitehaven.

“Offering cutting-edge yachts is our mission, hence the need to further expand Whitehaven’s collaborations with the most accomplished designers in the world and introduce innovations to the world of boatbuilding, of which the Vista Deck and Atrium are the new standard bearers.”

“The Vista Deck and Atrium flybridge are true firsts in cutting-edge innovation. They are not modifications or the evolution of a past idea. Whitehaven asserts that they provide clear and distinct benefits that will enhance the on board experience and add new dimensions to the boating lifestyle.”

The Customiser – Whitehaven’s next generation viewing experience

To convey the sheer quantity of innovative variants to our 7000 model range, we had to invent the technology.

So revolutionary are these new features, we needed a tool by which people can “adventure through” their chosen model, selecting unique combinations to create their own entirely customised vessel.

Enter, Steve Ford, expert boat designer and founder of 4D Designs, who developed a groundbreaking means of experiencing the new options.

Seeing is believing

To capture the ground-breaking features of the new 7000 models, Whitehaven has stepped beyond the standard GA and 2D graphics and developed its own, interactive, hyper-realistic technology which allows prospective owners to configure their ideal vessel.

“Known as The Customiser, the program allows the operator to specify features during a walkthrough by clicking on the Smart Spec list of options they can use to build their Whitehaven with almost every conceivable detail.”

The program was designed to be as easy and realistic as possible. “Whitehaven is the first to adopt Smart Spec technology for new model specification, with hyper-realism at the click of your mouse,” said Steve Ford.

Bruce Scott is eager to share this cutting-edge configurator technology, familiar to the prestige automotive sector and used by brands of the calibre of Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche.

“Never before in Australia has any manufacturer of luxury vessels been able to demonstrate personalisation in real time, photo realistic renders so customers can see the outcome rather than have to imagine it.”

“The Customiser puts Whitehaven ahead of the curve,” said Bruce. “We have created a new means of viewing boats that puts the power in the customer’s hands and puts Whitehaven on a new trajectory. 

“With the introduction of the Customiser program, Whitehaven can now simply and effectively demonstrate to the boating community the unique points of difference of our brand and the benefits of innovation,” Bruce explained.

“From my personal perspective, I’ve never been more excited about Whitehaven’s future.”



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