Calling all NSW Boat Owners

Have you got emergency flares on board which are expired or close to expiring? NSW Transport has a program for you to return expired flares safely and responsibly. With collection points up and down the NSW coastline over the coming months, it should be a simple process to dispose of any expired flares you have onboard.

Christmas Covered

As Christmas Day approaches, we have scoured for the perfect gifts for the Whitehaven owner. Here are our top three picks.

Onboard Gourmet

Sometimes a simple sandwich in the cockpit is all you require. And sometimes, the boating occasion calls for something more gourmet. Artichoke Restaurant at Sanctuary Cove Marina has come up with an innovative way to have five-star meals onboard with minimal fuss.

Resources for Safe Boating

There is nothing quite like getting out on the boat with your nearest and dearest. It is the great Australian past time. Yet as regulations and equipment update and change, it is important owners and captains keep abreast of the latest. Now the Boating Industry Association (BIA) in Australia is assisting with their latest website.

Whitsunday Rendezvous Wrap Up

What do you get if you take four Whitehaven Motor Yachts up the Queensland coast from the Gold Coast to the Whitsundays? A once in a lifetime trip, of course.

Sanctuary Cove Festival of Boating

The Festival of Boating was held in mid-November at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. Held in lieu of the usual may boat show, it was by no means second cousin and Whitehaven Motor Yachts presented three motor yachts spanning the range and our history. For those who couldn’t join us, here is a recap.

Introducing Panache

One of the most exciting developments in 2020 for Whitehaven Motor Yachts has been the build of our largest yacht to date, the Whitehaven 8000. Now the finished yacht has arrived in Australia and we are proud to introduce Panache.