Resources for Safe Boating

There is nothing quite like getting out on the boat with your nearest and dearest. It is the great Australian past time. Yet as regulations and equipment update and change, it is important owners and captains keep abreast of the latest. Now the Boating Industry Association (BIA) in Australia is assisting with their latest website.

The most important pieces of safety equipment you have on board your boat are lifejackets. You hope to never have to use them but if you do need them, it pays to have the right ones and have them maintained to perform their ultimate function.

To assist boat owners with clear and concise information on their responsibilities along with education and useful information, the BIA has launched a website dedicated to life jackets: https://lifejackets.org.au/.

This comprehensive website includes information on regulations, videos on maintenance, and even the opportunity to register your life jackets so you can receive personalised reminders and information. We would highly recommend taking 10 minutes to peruse the website. Even the most experienced mariners will learn something new.



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