Onboard Gourmet

Sometimes a simple sandwich in the cockpit is all you require. And sometimes, the boating occasion calls for something more gourmet. Artichoke Restaurant at Sanctuary Cove Marina has come up with an innovative way to have five-star meals onboard with minimal fuss.

Artichoke Restaurant and Bar overlooks Sanctuary Cove Marina. The fine dining establishment has been a favourite of the Gold Coast-based yacht owners for many years and now they are delivering their signature modern Australian meals onboard.

Freshly prepared meals, like their Octopus Asian lychee salad with Mooloolaba King Prawns, are individually sealed in cryovac packaging for refrigerated storage onboard. You have the choice to keep the meals in the boat’s refrigeration for consumption within a week or freeze for longer voyages. Then it is as simple as heating for five minutes and you have a restaurant quality meal.

If you require onboard dining options, contact Artichoke on 07 5564 2188 for more details.



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