New 2022 models

Whitehaven Motor Yachts is proud to launch their 2022 models with upgraded external styling and improvements to the interiors and entertaining spaces with specific attention given to creating spaces which are as versatile as they are engaging.

Specifically, we are launching 2022 models for the 7000 Flybridge, 6000 Flybridge, 6000 Sports Yacht and 6100 Coupé as well as a whole new motor yacht, the 7000 Sports Yacht.

With some inspiration from an existing Whitehaven owner, our team took the opportunity to go over the concepts to make subtle but important adjustments to the styling and interior. With the keen eye of yacht designer, Misha Merzliakov, the new models reveal striking luxury vessels and the range has expanded to now include a 7000 Sports Yacht, the new generation of the most popular models in the whole range.

The first and most notable change to the new models is the window styling below deck. All the 2022 models now include stylish hull features which run the length of the yacht in which the port windows are embedded, creating more elegant and modern lines. A hallmark of Whitehaven is customisation and they pride themselves in being able to accommodate changes to the interior arrangements to suit clients’ specific requirements. The new window treatments allow for these client-led changes all the while maintaining elegance and sophistication under the guiding hand of a dedicated team.

The next major focus of refreshing these luxury motor yachts was the entertaining and exterior spaces. The foredeck has been reconfigured to include a sun lounge as well as seating. The dual-purpose area opens the bow as a place which brings together those hoping to sun bake with those seated, reading a book or enjoying refreshments. No longer are these pastimes confined to areas at opposite ends of the yacht.

The 2022 Whitehaven 7000 Sports Yacht

The 7000 Sports Yacht is an entirely new model and builds on the styling of its predecessors. Larger Sports Yachts have become somewhat a focus for Whitehaven as buyer appeal grows for larger and sleeker motor yachts with functional and open plan living areas and inviting entertaining spaces. The Whitehaven Sports Yacht is the epitome of this demand and makes for a very glamorous vessel without compromising on the sea handling. The new 7000 Sports Yacht is expected to continue the momentum for this range with its new styling, foredeck layout and attention to the much-loved cockpit space with fully enclose tender garage remain key features.

“The owner the Sports Yacht currently in build has a background in furniture design so he had some specific and welcomed ideas about up the entertaining areas. This led to a new chain of thought on how we could layout the cockpit and galley to be hub of the yacht in the 70-foot version. As we have such control over the design and production of our yachts, it allows us to incorporate and build on designs to match the customer’s needs,” explains Mr Bruce Scott, Managing Director of Whitehaven Motor Yachts.

In this 70-foot sports yacht, the galley becomes a space for interaction not just food preparation. The exterior cockpit seating has more modern, cleaner feel with stainless steel adornments and contoured upholstery for superior comfort. The Whitehaven team also spent time improving the lighting design within the sports yacht to be softer and more natural.

The 2022 Whitehaven 6100 Coupé

The 6100 Coupé has also received the star treatment for its 2022 model. It too has been expansive hull feature encompassing large port windows filtering natural light into the interior spaces. Equally, her foredeck now sports a seating arrangement as well as the traditional sun lounge area. Yet some of the most remarkable changes to the 6100 Coupé has been to the rear cockpit. An area which was already a great example of regional specific design with complete protection from the sun, the cockpit can be fully enclosed to an expansive all-weather area with upgraded alfresco lounge and dining arrangement. It is a major drawcard for those who love outdoor entertaining and dining in the harsh Australian climate.

On the flybridge models, the harmonious, free flowing lines of the port windows are echoed in the superstructure above. Greater curvature to the flybridge and saloon create more stylish motor yachts and increase the sun coverage over the cockpit.

The 2022 Whitehaven 7000 Flybridge

On the Flybridge 7000, her wider 19 feet beam give increased internal space for new amenities and luxuries, with different accommodation layouts and options for a fourth cabin. In the saloon, owners can now select from a stand-alone dining table or one which is integrated into the lounge. The galley remains aft joining the interior to the exterior and now with the option of a bar. In the enclosed flybridge, the lounge seating has been extended to be more generous and luxurious.

The 2022 Whitehaven 6000 Flybridge

The 6000 Flybridge also sports the same new exterior styling, increased coverage over the cockpit, and the combined seating and sun lounge foredeck. Equally, her enclosed flybridge has plentiful and comfortable seating for socialising with the captain whilst underway. Even at 60 feet, this flybridge motor yacht offers a full tender garage accessible from the enlarged swim platform. 

The saloon is spacious with formal dining supported by the galley which, in turn, opens onto the rear cockpit with al fresco dining. With the accommodation, there are options for a three-suite layout with a full beam master suite. Alternatively, you can select a layout of three suites and three bathrooms depending on your preferences.

The Whitehaven Motor Yacht brand has been built on quality, luxury and customisation as each new motor yacht is tailored to the owner. These new models offer the same and with the added benefit of less than 12 months in build. Even with significant changes, these yachts are still available for delivery in 2022.

“With strong production and quality control in place, the new models could be delivered to the customer by 2022. There are no huge wait times and still the yachts are customised to the specific requirements of the owners,” continues Bruce.

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