Awards Fever

Whitehaven is exceptionally proud of our motor yachts, each of them unique. We are eager to share our innovations and the brilliant results of collaborating with esteemed yacht designer, Misha Merzliakov.

Thanks to Misha and his proactive approach, ‘Elementa’ has been entereed into a slew of international awards recognising design excellence.

Already, ‘Elementa’ has been shorlisted among eight entries in the 2019 International Yacht & Aviation Awards, which will announce the winners of each category at a gala soiree in Venice, 24 May.

‘Elementa’ is also entered in the Asia Boating Awards and the Corian Design Awards, which recognise “the creative use of Corian”.

From a technical standpoint, Corian is a versatile material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH), a material derived from bauxite ore. From a creative perspective, it offers nearly unlimited applications, which was Misha’s inspiration for his unorthadox use of this familiar material.

“Corian is lightweight and very versatile,” he says. “We are used to seeing Corian in traditional ‘wet areas’ such as kitchens, bathrooms and bar areas, but I wanted to extend its use and show that, in addition to being practical, Corian is beautiful and luxurious.”

Throughout ‘Elementa’, Misha has embued “playful geometric” highlights in Corian, as well as on countertops, backlit features in the master suite and guest cabins, and the striking, illuminated insert on the cockpit dining table (pictured below), which elevates the occasion with its glow.

“There is Corian in every cabin, and we have used it on vertical sufaces, ceilings, flooring as well as horizontal surfaces, albeit with a twist!”

We’ll keep you informed of the results and judges’ feedback, and fingers crossed!



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