Christmas Cocktails

2021 has been one of the most challenging years in living memory so as we approach the festive season, we thought it was worth dusting off the cocktail book and picking our favourite Christmas Cocktails. Here’s to a great 2022.

Discover our Top 3 Cocktails!

Blackberry and Vanilla Vodka

This is a refreshing cocktail for a summer Christmas without losing the charm and warmth of traditional European winter flavours. Start by making a sugar syrup to muddle, while still hot, with frozen blackberries for the base. You could do this in advance. Then place the blackberry sugar syrup in a large serving jug among with berry-flavoured mineral water, vanilla vodka and lime juice. Service over ice and dress with fresh mint and blackberries.


1 cup caster sugar

1 ½ cups frozen blackberries

1.25L berry-flavoured sparkling mineral water, chilled

375ml vanilla vodka, chilled

½ cup fresh lime juice

Ice cubes, to serve

Fresh blackberries, to serve

Fresh mint leaves, to serve

Orange and Rosemary Gin ‘N Tonic

A twist on the classic gin and tonic using the perfect marriage of cardamon, rosemary and orange, this cocktail will impress. Combine fresh orange juice, rosemary and cardamon in a saucepan and reduce until syrupy. Remove from the heat and strain to remove any solids before cooling the liquid. Again, this could be done in advance. Pour a little (or a lot, it is up to you) of the syrup into a high ball glass before adding ice, gin and tonic. Dress with fresh oranges. For an extra kick, consider the Cauldron Distillery’s limited release Christmas Gin.


1 cup orange juice

¼ tsp ground cardamom

2 rosemary sprigs

160ml gin

1 orange, thinly sliced

Ice cubes, to serve

375ml chilled tonic water


Virgin Raspberry Mojito Mocktail

For those who still want some Christmas cheer without the alcohol, this is a great option. Start by heating sugar, water and frozen raspberries in the saucepan to make the base. Once the sugar is completely dissolved and the berries are completely softened, take off the heat and run through a fine sieve. Set aside and allow to cool. You can do this in advance. Add syrup, ginger beer, lemon juice and mint into a high ball glass and mixed well. Top with ice and soda water.


¾ cup frozen raspberries

½ cup of sugar and enough water to dissolve the sugar

30ml ginger beer

30ml lemon juice

1 handful fresh mint crushed

1 splash soda

1 handful mint to garnish


And if you can’t be bothered with any preparation then Mr Consistent makes a delicious range of cocktail mixers which you can simply pour out of the bottle and add your preferred spirit. They can even supply the alcohol!




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